“Why do I always work at night? How can I work at night? Night is for sleeping!!” And so on… These are the most common questions/statements I get from people who like to get up early, work 9-to-5, get back from work, enjoy lunch, a quiet evening and then go to bed early. To do what? To wake up early the very next day.

Ever since I started working as a freelance photographer, I discovered freedom and found that night offered me peace and calm from the daily rush. No friends asking to get a beer, no girlfriend asking to get lunch and no phone calls usual and reserved for the daytime. I am able to focus more and get more things done.

Later on, night and darkness became one of my bestselling concepts in my 10-year career as a photographer and that is something I always have inspiration to work on. Of course, it means visiting shady locations in strange hours, and sometimes even my models get scared, but a good photograph as the result was always worth it.

That is why the night gave my work a new dimension and a strange might to bright, sunny daylight just does not do.

To learn more on my work, please visit my online webstore (www.horrorgraphy.com) or my POND5 and Shutterstock contributor’s profile page. I also do work on demand where I put your ideas into quality photo and video content. Contact me at dept@horrorgraphy.com .


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5 thoughts on “The night has a strange might

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