What is the best time of the day to take photographs? Young photographers or the ones that are just starting out often ask me that question and the best piece of advice I can give them is to carry their camera most of the time with them and practice, practice, practice.

Unpredictable days and our ways take us into many situations that provide ideal conditions for a good photograph. You can find inspiration in your office, in the leaves laying down on your way home, your meal for lunch and dinner, evening sunset and creepy night shadows in shady streets.

Another common question I get asked is about price of the equipment. I tell everyone that it is not always necessary to have expensive equipment to make creative photographs. Creativity has no price and with time, you will sharpen your eye, find more and more inspiration, and notice more details that will make a good photo.

So, just pick up a decent camera and get to work. There are no excuses if you want to do something. It is just laziness or fear of failure. Of course, you will need persistence and not-giving-up attitude all the way, if you want to succeed. Believe in success and you will attain it – just like I did.


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