As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts I find inspiration everywhere around me. You can often see me with my mobile phone taking photographs in everyday situations. I just cannot help myself. Often, when I go for a simple walk with my girlfriend I will spend 60% of our time exploring good frames, gazing around to find the next perfect image or motive. I find beauty in everything that surrounds me and I just would not be me if I did not capture it for “archive”, as I like to call it.

For horror photography, I sometimes take my inspiration from horror movies. However, more than blood and violence I am interested in the mysterious and unknown. That is why you will never find blood in my photographs. I am attracted to things like ghosts, aliens and everything supernatural. So far, I have not been able to find a model to represent an alien but I am working on a similar creature from my imagination.

My perfect partner in crime, as far as horror photography goes, is my long-term friend and model Marina who fits in perfectly with her dark, penetrating eyes and dark, thick hair. During the years, we have made some good memories and some excellent photos and videos that made it to newspaper articles, book covers, magazines and video games. She even got recognized at the bookstore while she was buying a book with her on the cover. Hilarious moment.

What about you? Tell me what is your favorite motive for your work and where do you find inspiration!

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